Pre-sales questions

Why does it cost to divert calls?

If we divert calls to your mobile or landline we have to pass on the cost of transferring the call to you, if you use VOIP and connect to our systems over the internet using our webphone or a SIP phone there are no divert costs.

Do you do a high user tariff

We certainly do, it costs a little more in subscription fees but the divert costs are less.

Do you do a free trial?

We have a 14 day money back guarantee, as long as you don't use more than £5 in divert costs we wil happily cancel the contract and refund all fees.

Can I transfer numbers to you / away from you.

Transferring numbers is known as porting, and its not a fun process! We need a porting agreement with other telecom suppliers and they have to agree to port in both directions. We tend to find they don't like this! That said BT have to allow us to port numbers in either direction so their numbers can be added to our systems, and our numbers transferred to their systems.


How do I login to change phone settings?

Please visit my.dmclub.co.uk where you can login and set up and manage all of the features on your numbner(s)

What is the easiest way to get support?

Please send an email to support@dmclub.co.uk or if you have an urgent support issue during UK office hours please call 020 7060 2000